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All of our healings work on the ‘energy body’ that is comprised of the 7 main chakras and the aura around us.  Energetically, disease begins in the lower 3 chakras, which affects the physical body, but the other 4 chakras are involved as well. 


An example of energy affecting the human body is unresolved emotional conflicts with one's family. Feelings of vulnerability about survival creates discord in the first chakra and relates to physical body support which is the base of the spine, legs, bones, feet, rectum, and the immune system


The energy body is a template for the physical body. Emotional energy resonates with life experiences, personal and professional relationships, and belief systems and becomes literally encoded in cell tissue. Every part of the energy body is affected by all the energy around us.  




Aura Chakra Balancing

Receive an energy healing of the 7 chakras within the body,
and the energy field / aura around you.

This healing moves out any energy that is not yours from childhood through present time. The healing releases old and current time ‘pain’ picture energy. While balancing your energy system so you reclaim your own space for you.


Chakra Gland Healing

There are 7 chakras in the body and each has a corresponding gland in the physical body.  The healing goes through each chakra and the connection to each gland.  This healing releases blocks of foreign energy that stand in the way of each connection working properly. Thus, allowing both the energy and physical body to come back into harmony.

Cellular Healing

The cells of the human body renew every 7 years, and are a tiny representation of you.  Each cell tells a story about what is going on in the physical body.

A cell is energetically chosen from the part of your body that needs a healing. It is an exact replica of the physical cell.

This cell receives a clean out to neutralize foreign energy, such as drugs. The cell is then put back into the body allowing it to update the other cells.


Genetic Healing

This healing looks at a person’s agreement with their genetic mother, father and others genetically tied to them.  A cell is energetically removed from the person’s energy body that represents the genetic energy of those who influence your life. Old beliefs and outdated behaviors are released so that you can create your future the way you want it to be. Control energy is cleaned out of the cell that limits or inhibits the biological functioning of the cell. The cell is returned allowing all other cells to update and match the new information. 


The Seven Aura Layers


The human body has 7 aura layers around it.  The first aura layer is the layer closest to the body and is about survival. Fight or flight.  Learn what each of the 7 layers are and what type of energy is in each layer.   Receive a reading/healing on each layer and receive an update of your information to current time.  

This healing creates immediate results within the physical body in the form of peace, relaxation and clarity of mind.



 All Professional Healings are 50 minutes in length. Sessions can be scheduled for in office or remote healings. To learn more about our healings and receive the complete list available please contact us at
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